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Sample Submission Guide

Step 1 - Prepare Your Sample

Mix properly before taking a sample. Take a couple of small samples from different spots of your batch and combine them to ensure a representative sample is sent to the lab.  The lab can only analyse what is received whether this is representative of your entire batch or not. 


Ensure that the sample is in a suitable leak-tight container (tamper-proof if possible).  Also, ensure that the container does not interact with the sample in any way (eg. sunlight or leaching impurities).   

Amount of Sample

Please follow the link to "Test Panels Offered" for details on the minimum amount of sample required for analysis.  If too little sample is submitted we will not be able to perform all the analysis.  Note that the minimum amount of sample is not regarded as a representative sample of your batch or crop.       

Step 2 - Sample Request Form
Client Information
  • If you have already submitted a sample to NAFS, you only need to fill in the client code present on either the CoA or tax invoice. 

  • Fill in the Company Contact.  This is the person NAFS will Liaise with.

  • Fill in the Company Name.  This is the Name of the Company that will appear on the CoA.  Person names may also be used.

  • Ensure the correct contact information is supplied.  NAFS CoA's will be sent to the contact email provided.  

  • A Physical address is also required for NAFS to adhere to our permit conditions.  

Sample Details
  • Up to 13 samples submitted for the same test panels can be completed on a single sample request form (Samples submitted for different sets of test panels need to be completed on separate sample request forms). 

  • Fill in the sample description.   This will help NAFS to understand the type of sample being tested. 

  • Fill in the batch number of, the specific batch of product that was produced.  This will appear on the CoA. 

  • Select an appropriate specification for each sample.  This will determine the safety limits your sample will be tested against

  • Sign both pages of the sample request form, adhering to the terms and conditions listed. 

  • Do not complete the sample ID as this is for internal lab use only. 

Test Panels
  • In the test panel box mark the appropriate test panels that all of the samples are submitted for.  If you are unsure, please contact us for assistance.  (Samples submitted for different sets of test panels needs to be completed on separate sample request forms)

  • For a complete comprehensive list of test panels offered at NAFS please click on the "Testing Capabilities" button below. 

  • Only routine test panels are listed on the sample request form.  For non-routine / specialized analysis please send us an email to for your specific inquiry. 

Movers Carrying Packages
Step 3 - Ship Your Sample

109 Sovereign Drive

R21 Corporate Park



South Africa


Please ensure that your sample is shipped to the above address and marked as "Attention NAFS", with your completed sample request form.  The laboratory does not currently offer a sample collection service. 

Step 4 - Pay Your Invoice

Once your sample is received and has been logged, you will receive an invoice sent to the email address provided on the sample request form. 

  • Use your "Client Code" as a reference number when making payment

  • Certificates of analysis will only be released once a valid proof of payment has been received. 

  • New clients using our services are required to pay a 50% deposit of their first invoice total where after no deposit will be required for future invoices.  Testing will only commence after the deposit is received (This may affect laboratory turnaround time).

  • We only accept valid proof of payments, no photos or screenshots. 

  • NAFS does not take responsibility for any bank charges associated with ATM payments. 

Image by Josh Appel
Investment Chart
Step 5 - Receive Your Results
Turnaround Time
  • CoA's will be sent to the email provided on the Sample Request Form.  Please check your spam folder.  

  • The first 15 minutes of consultation regarding your results will be free of charge, discussion thereafter will be charged at industry rates. 

  • If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us or visit the FAQ page for additional information. Thank you for your business and please call again.

NAFS tries to maintain a turnaround time (TAT) of 8 working days, but this will not always be the case.  For a comprehensive list of test panels and TAT's associated with them please visit "Test Panels Offered" page. 

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