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Sample Submission

How do I submit a sample?

Please fill in and complete the “Start Testing” contact form at the bottom of the home page. A sample submission information email will be sent to you within a couple of minutes. This email describes the entire sample submission process in a step wise manner, with download buttons for important documents.

How much does it cost?

An up to date pricelist, for all test panels, is availble for download on the website. 1.) Navigate to the home page. 2.) Click on the downloads menu button. 3.) Look for the pricelist icon and click download. 4.) A .pdf pricelist document download should start automatically.

Does NAFS offer a sample collection service

Unfortunately at this stage we do not offer a sample collection service.

Please ensure that samples are shipped via door to door courier or alternatively dropped off in person at the following address:

109 Sovereign Drive

R21 Corporate Park



South Africa

Cannabis Test Panels

What does Cannabis Potency %weight mean?

Usually potency is reported as a %weight of the sample, especially for raw plant materials, since an accurate volume cannot be determined. For example, a gram of raw plant material contains a certain %weight of cannabinoids. Thus, if the %weight for THC is 5 %weight, it means that any weighed portion in grams of the sample should contain 5% THC in grams. If 10 grams of sample is weighed 5 %weight would translate to 0.5 g of THC. For a more detailed information leaflet 1.) Navigate to the home page 2.) Click on the downloads menu button 3.) Look for the Cannabis Potency Icon 4.) Click the download info button

What does Cannabis Potency mg/mL mean?

To obtain a different unit such as mg/mL compared to %weight, the %weight of the sample as well as the density needs to be known. To translate %weight to mg/mL a certain volume of liquid sample needs to be weighed in order to determine the sample density. From this density the mg/mL of cannabinoids can be calculated using the %weight unit. NAFS offers Potency mg/mL content as a test panel where %weight as well as density is determined. For a more detailed information leaflet 1.) Navigate to the home page 2.) Click on the downloads menu button 3.) Look for the Cannabis Potency Icon 4.) Click the download info button

Which sample types can be tested by NAFS

At NAFS we can test a majority of different sample types. This is however dependent on the final concentration of cannabinoids in your product. We are able to accurately quantitate cannabinoids down to 0.001 %weight.

We can test the folowoing sample types but not limited to:

1.) Extracts (Feco, Dab, Crude oil, Rosin etc.).

2.) Plant Material (Bud, Leaf, Hash).

3.) Liquids (Vape Liquids, Dropper bottels, Cosmetic products, Ointments, Creams).

4.) Edbiles (Biscuits, Cookies, Beverages, Water).

5.) Solids (Cannabinoid Isolates).


How are complaints managed at NAFS

Any queries that are sent to NAFS may be resolved by our laboratory staff. If, however the query cannot be resolved and a client wishes to lodge a complaint the following procedure is followed:

  1. Client may indicate via written email record that he/she wishes to lodge a complaint.
  2. The complaint procedure is initiated at NAFS (QA005).
  3. The laboratory staff requests the necessary information from the client to perform an investigation.
  4. All information and details regarding the complaint is recorded and escalated to either the Laboratory manager or Quality assurance manager at NAFS.
  5. An official complaint document is produced with a unique identifier code (Reference Number).
  6. This complaint reference number will be emailed to the client by laboratory staff.
  7. During this time, an investigation pertaining to the complaint is pending. Some time may need to be afforded to the laboratory to complete the investigation. An email request on the progress of the investigation may be submitted by the client.
  8. After the investigation has been completed, a complaint closure letter stipulating the findings will be sent out to the client.

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