Pharmaceutical product analysis to suite your Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) needs
Ensure patient safety and avoid exposure to dangerous drug or manufacturing contaminants. The Quality control of your Pharmaceutical product should be entrusted to NAFS. Solvents have a number of uses in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and may sometimes be critical in synthesis. Residual solvents are one of three main impurities in pharmaceutical materials.  A manufactured product should fulfill quality based
requirements as per (ICH) or USP (467) guidelines. At NAFS we offer residual solvent testing according to the USP 467 standard, ensuring your product meets speciation. Ensure inorganic impurity compliance with USP (232)/(233) and ICH Q3D, which are among the most significant changes in pharmaceutical regulatory policy to date. From sample preparation to instrumentation and analysis, we offer complete solutions to ensure your
pharmaceutical product fully adheres to the guidelines set out in USP (232)/(233) and ICH Q3D. At NAFS we employ a prepFAST automated sampling instrument coupled to our high-performing ICP-MS. With the prepFAST system all USP (233) validation criteria for stability, repeatability, ruggedness, and accuracy are exceeded. With our industry leading instrumentation we are perfectly suited for performing elemental impurities testing.

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