Analysis of contaminants to ensure human as well as environmental safety


Pharmaceutical product analysis to suite your Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) needs


Contaminant analysis to ensure the safety of yourself and the environment.  
Volatile Organic Carbons (VOC’s) are present in most natural and synthetic Materials. A percentage of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are classified as toxins. These toxins may be present in the environment as a results of industry processes for example byproducts produces by water purification (Chlorination). Thus it is imperative that
human exposure to these compounds be minimized. By means of Headspace Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (HS/GC-MS) the analysis of volatile organic compounds is employed. The analysis can be performed in a variety of solid or liquid waste matrices, ground and surface water, soils, and sediments among others. Ensure the quality of water meant for
human consumption as well as that which sustains plants, animals, and aquatic life. Our water monitoring and water analysis solutions provide customers with the results they need.  At NAFS we also offer pesticide screening for the most abundant pesticides in South Africa as well as internationally.  MAke sure your dietary consumption is free from harmfull pesticides. 

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